ABATE of Indiana Region 4

photo - region director Kay Hurst

Region 4 & You

Region 4 would like to welcome back Jan Johns as our 2015 Region Director. We hope everyone is ready for a safe, fun, and enjoyable year of riding. Please check back soon to see our 2015 event Schedule which should be posted within the next week or two.

Region Meetings

Region 4 Meetings are at 7:00pm on the last Wednesday of each month at the American Legion Post 492 on SR.43 N. (1/4 mi. south of I-65).



     It's time for the annual ABATE of Indiana Boogie !!!  Are you ready ?  If you have not already done so, there are only a few days left to reserve your RV reservations. Without a reservered reservation you cannot get in until Thursday and you are not guaranteed a spot in the RV areas as they may be sold out and you will have to make do with what is still available. For those of you who might be considering getting to the Boogie early there are a couple of thing you should know. If you were not put on the early list as a worker by your Region Director you will not be allowed in early and there will be no exceptions this year. If you have an RV and have paid for your RESERVED RV camping, you can get in on Wednessday. This allows ABATE of Indiana to get these large vehicles in and parked without creating a major problem with getting them parked and making the entrance line longer than necessary. All others will be admitted on Thursday !!! If you are planning to come down early anyway and do not fit the criteria just mentioned you should plan on getting a hotel room since the police will not be allowing motorists to camp alongside the road. There are many neighbors who live on the road leading to the Boogie and they need to be able to get to and from their properties and we as ABATE members should be courteous yield to them if they need to get out or in their driveways. It will not cost you any more time and will help keep these neighbors friendly towards ABATE of Indiana and the Lawrence County Recreation Park. If you do not want to get a hotel room in Bloomington and wish to camp wednessday night, there are a few neighbors who will allow you to camp in their yards for a fee, but please remember that you are representing ABATE of Indiana and be respectful of their property. These properties are not owned by ABATE of Indiana, the owners of these properties set their own rules (which may be different than rules inside of the Boogie) and any fees they may charge you are thiers and ABATE of Indiana has no control over them, nor do they recieve any compensation from them.

     Having said all of that ... Boogie On !!! We hope to see everyone there having a great time and enjoying all of the events that are planned. Region 4 will be hosting several events including the Board of Directors Dinner Wednesday night, the Hole Shot Contest, a Male Buns Contest, a Tattoo Contest, and a late night Wet T-Shirt Contest down at the Region 4 Boogie Dome. Event flyers with the day and timing of these events will be posted everywhere inside the Boogie as well as the daily issue of the "Boogie Times" newspaper, and on the "Boogie Radio" station. Have fun everyone and play safe !!!